One of the reasons we stopped updating on our regular schedule was, well, something anyone reading this experienced. And by that I mean 2020. It was one heck of a wild ride on multiple fronts – politically, COVID, and some things in our personal lives that occurred.

A certain thing that fell by the wayside was our diet and workout regimen. We’re a lil older now, so we like to eat right and keep in shape. I personally, the artist, like beefing up with hard weight lifting. From 2016-2020, I lost 48 lbs, three pants sizes, and got straight up jacked.

Then COVID occurred, and I found out that, when faced with a possible pandemic apocalypse, I will throw my diet out the window, eat tons of fast food, and stop working out altogether. Before anyone accuses me of overreacting, need I remind you what June of 2020 was like, during the lockdown. I had to sometimes run errands in my vehicle, and the freeways of Dallas were eerily vacant. Many businesses were closed entirely. It felt like the end of the world was nigh. So as my guts grew and my f**ks went out the window, time continued.

Damage was done to our daily regimen, and it took a while for me to snap my head out of it. Back on the wagon now. We don’t do Keto straight up, but a good diet is lower in carbohydrates and higher in fiber. We’re both slimming down, eating better, and I’m back in the gym slamming plates. And yeah, now that we’re on our new host, back on track to update every M/W/F.