Whee dawgies, what a weekend.

If you’re new to the strip, and we met you at A-Kon, howdy! Welcome to the fun. We’re in the 19th year of this comic, and if you were handed a flyer, you have a lot of catching up to do. This comic has been going on longer than a great many of you, that I handed flyers to this weekend, have been alive. Yes, a piece of me flakes off and crumbles into dust every time I think about it. But if you like cat comics, well, here’s the rest of what our humble booth showed you. You can start at the beginning, or just go to some random strip anytime between that and now – there are a few storylines, but most of it is day to day humor.

For those who are long time fans (and also old): A-Kon this past weekend was a good trip. Last year was wacky. It felt like everyone was stumbling around, blinking in the daylight, after two years of a pandemic. This year, not so much. Got back to an even keel. We enjoyed it, and met a lot of new readers. Hella fun.

Now it’s over, and I am staying up alternately soaking in the pool, eating, and drinking beer. Good times. Our next con this year is San Diego, heavens forfend. But we’re back on track, and it was great meeting so many new folks and forcing our flyers down their throats this past weekend.