Up late, but at least before the con is over!

So far, wow. What a convention. Due to the SWG and SAG strikes, a LOT of the Hall H Panel programming – which is one of the HUGE draws for SDCC – got canceled at the last minute. Like, almost ALL of it.

We, and a few other artists, had worried that this would mean fewer attendees and sales at the convention. I suspected the opposite in part – without panels and TV/Movie celebrities, the attendees would instead focus on comics.

Wow, I was right. We have been busier than any prior year, since we started coming here as vendors in 2008. Handing out flyers like misting water onto thirsty joggers. Selling our wares like crazy. As I type this, we’re back in the hotel, physically beat up, but mentally buzzing off mad sales and meeting fans.

Tomorrow is the busiest day of the con. I have no idea what it’s going to look like – the last two days were almost twice as busy as any year prior. We already sold out of several items, and are running low on a few others. If you’re at the con, and just found us, and want to buy something, I would urge you to do so tomorrow ASAP. Much of our stock may be gone by afternoon, if this lovely trend keeps up.