Some of you have thought the site failing to update on time and then suddenly showing you a strip or three is a browser issue: Probably not.

Something happened in 2020. I mean… A LOT of things happened. Like, above and beyond COVID, around this house.

And after years and years of stringently updating on time – more than a decade – this comic’s update schedule fell to the gutter. For most of 2020 and 2021. And I feel bad about that. A little. It wasn’t like the death of a loved one or anything. But, lord, not gonna overshare, y’all have NO idea what we were dealing with. Real Life, for the first time since the start of this comic, took precedence over drawing a cat comic and updating it every M/W/F. At one point, there were some mild discussions about ending the series.

Getting back in the saddle has been a lil rough for me (J, the artist, I’ll let Mel provide her own version of events). We decided to really get our game back on this year. And we’ve been updating a lot closer to the schedule. But sometimes a week goes by and it’s like “Oh holy crud, I need to draw and upload three comics, I’m lagging.”

So no, it’s not your browser. It’s probably me uploading and backdating 3-4 comics because I was a slouch for a week. I’ll get back in line, I swear. But for now there will likely be hiccups along the way. Bad news is some days the comic won’t update on time. Good news is you might check the site and see 4 new strips where there were none!

Yeah, I know.